Dagblad de Limburger: "Dancing Tango with Huawei"

Dagblad de Limburger, the newspaper of the province Limburg, quoted on the 4th of July: "De Tango dansen met Huawei", translated: "Dancing the Tango with Huawei". Peter Kamps interviewed Cor en Bas Zelissen. It's an article about the spirit behind MainPort, the Chinese Tango and the unique collaboration with Huawei. Article is in Dutch, see attachment. 

 Source: Dagblad de Limburger/Limburgs Dagblad & Robert Muts

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Come to our Mobility Event i.c.m. Arrow ECS

On the 26th of March 2015, Arrow ECS and MainPort will organise a very informative Citrix-event with a strong focus on 'Mobility'. During this afternoon you will get a clear vision on what the profits are for your company. 

The agenda of the day is listed below, any further information will be given as soon as possible.

 - A welcome by Arrow, the purpose 
- A short explanation on Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) 
- Sketch of the solution which Citrix offers 
- Overview of activities of an EMM project and their business opportunities 
- Notes on a completed business case 
- Services which Arrow and MainPort offers 
- Questions 

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MainPort introduces virtual New Year's reception

ECHT (THE NETHERLANDS) – MainPort, particularly known for their video conferencing, located in Echt and The Hague, has organized for the first time in its existence a virtual New Year's reception at four different locations. By using screens, the locations Echt, Roermond, Eindhoven and Gouda were digitally connected. On all locations Chinese dishes were served. These dishes were provided by restaurant Long Sing - Roermond. "We are providing virtual meetings, regardless the geographical location, for many years now," MainPort-director Cor Zelissen says. "Meanwhile, there is also a demand for virtual receptions in our market. The big benefit: no travel time from and to various locations. While one can still toast and talk with another, just like a 'normal' reception. The only difference is that you can not touch each other. " The virtual New Year's reception which MainPort organized for four healthcare providers in The Netherlands (Orbis Thuiszorg, Vierstroom Zorg Thuis, Archipel Thuis and Assist/Vebego) was such a succes that a New Year's reception with Chinese business partners is also upcoming. Bas Zelissen (MainPort): " The Chinese people are celebrating their New Year in February. What is more innovative than without traveling, sharing a virtual toast with your business relations in China. The technique we are using is excellent and the uses numerous." MainPort, which has a good network in China, is the first company in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) that is certified by Chinese telecommunications multinational Huawei (30 billion annual revenue). For master chef Marco Pang from restaurant Long Sing in Roermond, it was the first time in his life he prepared a menu for a virtual reception on four locations in The Netherlands. "It was not only an culinary, but also a logistical challenge. But it worked out fine. On the screen I saw everyone enjoying the Chinese food!"

Video Communication in the classroom

On the 1st of September 2014, the new education of healthcare technician started. This new program is initiated by "Zorgtechniek Limburg", with MainPort as one of the partners. In Limburg, a province of the Netherlands, are running two classes; one in Roermond and the other in Heerlen. To optimize the communication between teachers and students from both groups, and to overlap the physical distance, MainPort implemented a structural and professional video connection between the locations. To let the parents of the students experience how their children remotely are working on projects, the video connection was used during the first "simultaneous PTA meeting". The program manager of the education, situated in Heerlen was explaining the background of the program, while the parents in Roermond were watching it live together with a PowerPoint-presentation on a seperate screen. For "Zorgtechniek Limburg" and the involved schools "Arcus College" and "Gilde Opleidingen", it was a perfect opportunity to show how video technology can also provide added value in education. Given the enthusiastic response from the audience, this first introduction was at least succesful.