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Viareggio (IT)/Echt (NL), March 2014

Benetti and MainPort have developed a videoconferencing solution for the use of video conferencing on a yacht. This solution, which is very easy to use, offers a live HD contact with the office or clients. The user is also in contact with the shore when at sea. The video technology can be built in perfectly and gets integrated with the network of the yacht. Benetti and MainPort also support in connecting with other video systems in other locations, such as the office, hotel or privately. The video system is offered as a full service. There is a permanent control of its operation and eventual telephonic support is offered. If you have any questions, please contact Benetti or MainPort. 

About Benetti (
boat140 years of history, close to 300 boats built, over 300,000 sq m of production facilities at six boatyards in Italy and 36 yachts under construction at the present time, including a 90-meter mega yacht. These facts and figures unambiguously demonstrate the momentum of Benetti’s growth and Clients’ unrestrained confidence in the brand.

Contact: Giovanni Bogetto (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: +39 011 93161) 

About MainPort (
te30MainPort delivers a comprehensive set of products and services that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. MainPort has distinguished itself over the course of several years by being open and flexible in the way it delivers its videoconferencing solutions.

Contact: Cor Zelissen (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: +31 475 416 416)

MainPort and Van der Valk support TEFAF-visitors using videoconferencing

tefafPress release

Maastricht,  14th of March 2014
TEFAF and the Video Board Room

Live contact can be made with clients or colleagues elsewhere in the world during the TEFAF in the Video Board Room at the Van der Valk hotel in Maastricht, nearby the TEFAF. You consult with your partner with a perfect picture and sound. Do not worry about the technology, the operation is extremely simple. You can carry out the consultation in peace with confidentiality and with great ambiance whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. The conversation can be combined with photographs and documents. You can also share many details with your interlocutor by means of the HD camera.

Convinced? Make an appointment with the reception staff of Van der Valk if you want a demonstration or more explanation. Reservations can also be made at the reception.


Video Boardrooms at Van der Valk

Limburg, November 2013

MainPort makes coffee cheaper than gas

Together with a couple of Van der Valk hotels MainPort started facilitating a seperate conferenceroom at Van der Valk with professional video conferencing: a Video Boardroom. These Video Boardrooms are connected with each other. They are all part of the Van der Valk Video Network. With one click there is a live connection with an other Van der Valk hotel while sipping a cup of coffee in a pleasant conference room. Recently the following hotels of the big concern Van der Valk have put their Video Boardroom available: Maastricht, Stein-Urmond en Cuijk.

For an article about this we would like to refer you to Van der Valk Corporate Magazine, nr. 4, 2013.


MainPort participates in "Zorgtechniek Limburg"

Press release

Limburg,  7th of July, 2013

Zorgtechniek Limburg
Knowledgecentre for technology in the healthcare

Tuesday, the 25th of June, the Center for Innovative Craftsmanship (CIV) for Technology in Healthcare was launched called "Zorg Techniek Limburg" (Care Technology Limburg). This is a broad partnership of educational institutions (Arcus, Gilde Opleidingen, Leeuwenborgh and Hogeschool Zuyd), healthcare providers and businesses. It seeks to improve the connection between education and business, and raise the attractiveness of the healthcare on the workers.

As well as better training to offer innovative care technology. Zorgtechniek Limburg is part of the Center for Innovative Care and Technology (EIZT). The Expertisecentre contributes to the realization of a future-proof (long-term) care and health care economy.



The goal is to educate people translating new, innovative technology solutions into actual products and apply it into daily work in the broad healthcare practice. Zorg Techniek Limburg wants to create a breaktrough in maintaining and improving the quality of healthcare and keeping it affordable.


The use of technology in the healthcare sector can be a breaktrough in future challenges of a aging population and a tighter labor market.
Technology is a tool for clients to set their own directions and independence (preferably in their own home) and retain them. Professionals with a thorough vocational training ensure that the innovative technology products and services to be implemented in the broad healthcare practice and are managed and maintained professionally.


Zorgtechniek Limburg has been made possible thanks to financial contributions from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Province of Limburg and LED.

Partners of Zorgtechniek Limburg
ROC Arcus College, ROC Gilde Opleidingen, ROC Leeuwenborgh, Zuyd Hogeschool, EIZT, Calibris, LSS Connect, Stichting Kompas Nederland, Atrium, MeanderGroep, MUMC+, Cofely, Mainport beter in beeld, Salusion BV, VanMorgen (spin-off Proteion), Daelzicht, Groene Kruis Domicura.