Enterprise Mobility Management

Workforce Mobility

On the road?
Secure your documents

Enterprise App Store

Create your own app store with apps for your company

Bring Your Own Device

Do you use BYOD?  Then EMM separates your data

Next-Gen Workspaces

Prepare your company for the future


Access to your business data from home? No problem !

Security Compliance

No worries about securing your devices

Device Management

MainPort offers a MDM cloud service. The device is connected and managed with the cloud service through an app. New apps like WiFi can be pushed remotely.

In addition to the well-known mobile devices also the fixed workstations can be managed through the cloud service. One service to manage all your infrastructure for a fixed price per month per user.

Smart Support

Smart Support is a new service developed by MainPort which offers end users direct access to the Service Desk of MainPort. MainPort, thanks to smart technology and high-quality knowledge, can offer a solution in a maximum time of 15 minutes. No more unhappy users at a low cost!

MainPort can offer a resolution time of max. 15 minutes due to its smart technology and high-quality knowledge. No more unhappy users at low costs.

Enterprise Mobility Management is one of the several services that MainPort has to offer. With this tool we can secure and ensure that the data on the devices in your organization, such as tablets and smartphones from Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry, are safe and can be accessed from anywhere. In case of data theft, we also act and react fast by detecting or clearing the device remotely. In addition, you can reduce your management costs by using our Enterprise Mobility Management tool and you can leave the installation process to MainPort. 

Identify and solve problems with smartphones and tablets

Manage profiles, localize and lock lost devices

Easy to push new apps, get insight on the app usage or make a whitelist or blacklist

Reduce the management costs by using our tool

You get insight on the usage of the connected devices with the web dashboard and everything becomes easily manageable

Limit the risks: adapt a proactive company policy on the connected devices

Questions about enterprise mobility management?