Connecting The Future


Endpoint Management

For use by more persons in a meeting, a so-called room system is used.

These endpoints (from different vendors) should be managed: refresh software, unlock for other users, update address books, etc.

Managing these endpoints is necessary for a good use.

The VYDEO cloudplatform supports nearly all vendors.

Endpoint Connectivy

It doesn't matter which endpoint the user prefers: an app, soft client, smartphone,  fixed workplace, Skype for Business, ...

The VYDEO cloudplatform has the feature that it can connect any imaginable endpoint with another.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

For some purposes it is handy to connect multiple users to one conversation. This is possible with a virtual meeting room.
Several options are thinkable: a scheduled meeting, quick meeting,  

Unlimited features offers our VYDEO cloudplatform.


High Quality Images

Sharp images will provide a true experience


A secured connection allows sharing (sensitive) data


Start a video call between pc, laptop, mobile and/or tablet

Renowned brands

Our solutions are based on reputable manufacturers 


Besides the cloud services, MainPort also implements video projects. These projects consists out of several elements such as: delivering video endpoints, install and configure them. We also train users who have to work with the endpoint. And for every project we offer an intresting support model. MainPort can do these projects everywhere in the world, with thanks to her partner network.

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