Connecting The Future


Endpoint Management

A solution that is designed to be integrated into larger meeting rooms, training rooms, classrooms and other workspaces that have more complex requirements is the so-called room system.

The management of these room systems (from different vendors) includes, among others, pushing updates with regards to software, settings, address books etc.

The VYDEO cloud platform supports nearly all vendors.

Endpoint Connectivity

It doesn't matter which endpoint the user prefers. Whether it is an app, software, or a room system, the VYDEO cloud platform can connect any imaginable endpoint with another.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

In many cases in business nowadays it is handy to connect multiple users to one conversation. This is feasible with a virtual meeting room. Our VYDEO cloud platform offers all these features and more.


High Quality Images

Sharp images will provide a true experience


A secured connection allows sharing (sensitive) data


Start a video call between pc, laptop, mobile and/or tablet

Renowned brands

Our solutions are based on reputable manufacturers 


Besides the cloud services, MainPort also implements video projects. These projects consist of several elements such as delivering video endpoints, installing and configuring them. We also provide training to users who have to work with the endpoint and for every project we offer a support model. MainPort can undertake these projects everywhere in the world, thanks to our network of partners.

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