About MainPort

MainPort started in 2010 when it noticed there was a need for a expertised video conferencing company. Since 2010, MainPort is specialized in Mobile Device Management. As one of the first companies in The Netherlands MainPort developed this service as an answer to the question which role mobile devices will have in the future and how to manage this.


Every MainPort solution is flexible, scalable and economically feasible. We offer solutions in the private, public or hybrid cloud. Together we seek for an optimal solution that fits your business needs and one that allows you to use your MainPort solution on the go, wherever you go, increasing your company’s mobility dramatically.

a perfect fit

A successful implementation of a solution goes through several phases. It starts with analyzing your business and fitting in a solution that intertwines with existing business processes. Thus ensuring a smooth transition during the implementation. We are highly experienced in defining and realizing a feasible business case. A step by step process that keeps your ambitions, growth and business opportunities in focus without having to compromise on quality.


MainPort considers every customer a partner in a high value relationship. In consultation with our customer we work on a best-fit solution. Clever combinations of services ensure high quality for a justifiable price. Our project approach consists of the following steps; analysis, design, implementation, service and evaluation.


MainPort solutions have to be usable on almost any platform or device, therefore interoperability is key. That means you are able to use almost any device on any platform. MainPort strives to enable you to connect your entire organization, from mobile devices to Personal Computers.


MainPort solutions are built on existing, proven and premium innovative products. All our suppliers are selected on support quality, market penetration and roadmaps. MainPort is a certified supplier for every product we offer. This is part of our ambition to be ‘’Best in Class’’ when it comes to our services and projects.


Our customers praise us for our high quality and high level customer service. Our service varies from support by phone and e-mail to even video support. Video support reduces the distance between our Service Desk employee and customer and has proven to be more efficient when it comes to solving problems or answering questions. In many cases, video support can even reduce solution time, thus minimizing downtime for your business


MainPort is highly involved when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We manage to do so in the following ways:Internally appointing, plotting and monitoring a number of actions, related to CSR.

External support for a number of actions related to CSR, adding value socially by contributing MainPort’s expertise. We support Zorg & Techniek Limburg: an initiative from the vocational education to train people as care technician. MainPort provided a full video endpoint for teaching, including support.

Pieter Veenstra from Assist participated in the fundraiser Alpe d'HuZes. MainPort financially contributed to his extraordinary performance.

Church TV: a way for people to watch live events/Holy Masses in the church when they are not in the occasion to go to the church or are physically unable to do so. Allowing people with mobility issues to be virtually present.



You realize you have a need. MainPort is going to determine your need, this will happen with personal conversations where both sides are going to talk and brainstorm.


After the need is determined, MainPort will make a design of it. This shows the need, displayed on a functional and techical way.


After both sides agree with the design, the project will be implemented.

Usage, management and services

When the implementation succesfully finished, the customer can use the product. When another need shows up, MainPort will react to this. It will also make a deal with the customer ongoing management, services, monitoring and support.


MainPort would like to hear from the customer about how the implementation went. With this critism or compliments, it can build further and use it for other projects.