MainPort headquarters will move to De Loods in Rijswijk as of April

by | Mar 8, 2024

The headquarters of MainPort is moving. As of April 1, 2024, MainPort will be relocating to De Loods, situated at Treubstraat 25 in Rijswijk. This move marks a significant development in MainPort’s growth and ambitions. It will provide even more space for innovation, collaboration, and a dynamic work environment.

Ecosystem of De Loods

Located in the Plaspoelpolder office district in Rijswijk (south of The Hague), De Loods is an ecosystem known for its high-profile location and excellent accessibility by both public transport and car. It houses various companies, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Bas Zelissen, CTO of MainPort, shares his enthusiasm about the move: “MainPort has grown, both in the number of employees and in the diversity of our services. This growth demands more space and facilities to realize our ambitions for the future, particularly in integrating complete IT landscapes within organizations.”

The exterior of our new location


De Loods offers an innovative environment where MainPort can benefit from the presence of other IT companies and innovators. “We believe these collaborations and cross-pollinations will further accelerate our growth. Moreover, we are excited that we can now also organize symposia and events at this inspiring location.”

New phase

The move to De Loods marks a new phase in MainPort’s history, focusing on innovation, collaboration, and growth. With this step, MainPort continues to strengthen its position as a leading IT company at the forefront of technological developments and customer-focused solutions.

Thus, MainPort is leaving the location at Tauber in The Hague, our home since November 2021. From Tauber to Treubstraat: our new address as of April 1 is Treubstraat 31, 2288 EH in Rijswijk.

Bas Zelissen and Roger Pels from De Loods