Church TV launched in Susteren

by | May 31, 2021

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, MainPort has developed a service called KerkTV.

KerkTV has the possibility to follow the Holy Masses that are said on Sunday in the parish church of Nieuwstadt, or to look back afterwards. The elderly and people with walking difficulties can still watch the broadcasts of KerkTV. Initially, the goal is to keep the sick and the elderly involved in church activities within the parish community. The introduction of optical fiber in the municipality of Echt-Susteren has opened up more opportunities to make use of support services in the healthcare sector. In addition to the sick and the elderly, schools, emigrants and overwinterers can also use KerkTV.

It is also possible to broadcast cultural activities, such as concerts that take place in the church, on the basis of KerkTV. How? Anyone with an internet connection and a Smart TV, laptop, tablet can watch the broadcasts. The Holy Masses can be viewed every Sunday morning from 11:00 on the YouTube channel: ktvclusterusteren. The viewing can take place live or afterwards. For questions, please contact the church board or the parish committees within the cluster Susteren.