Employees UniK also call telephone numbers in ‘the real world’ via Teams

by | Oct 26, 2022

Healthcare company UniK, a customer of MainPort for many years, has recently started calling fixed and mobile numbers in the real world via Microsoft Teams. This is done via the Operator Connect service from Gamma Communications. Gamma is the first Dutch telecom provider to offer partners and customers the opportunity to integrate their fixed telephony with Operator Connect from Microsoft Teams. Dave Erken of UniK: “We immediately wanted to organize telephony as well in order to do it right straight away. We are very satisfied with MainPort and Gamma.”

Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

MainPort helped with advice on the choice and design of the new platform and with the implementation of the migration. “We work at the intersection of healthcare and IT. MainPort already did mobile device management for UniK,” says Bas Zelissen, CTO of MainPort. Office365 services have now been added. To also realize calling via Teams, Bas Zelissen advised to call in Gamma Communications. With Operator Connect, Gamma has an excellent solution for integrating Teams with fixed and mobile business telephony.

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