Replacing devices for 630 employees a mega operation? Not with the at home delivery

by | Nov 15, 2022

About 630 people at Zuyderland Thuiszorg work in healthcare. The company is faced with a big task to replace the smartphone and tablet of every healthcare employee. According to manager Ramon Zinken, the ‘reasonably limited ICT department’ in-house can spend months on the project. MainPort, partner in the project, came up with the ‘at home delivery’.

Especially in times of corona, it was a particularly difficult logistical operation to have more than 600 people come by. The employees therefore received the devices at home by parcel post. They also could return the old devices this way.

Home care client as an example

This step does demand a lot from the employees’ independence. “My IT department and I thought that we had to arrange everything down to the last detail,” says manager Ramon Zinken. “But as a home care organization, we also tell clients that self-management is important. We say: make yourself a sandwich, only if it doesn’t work out we’ll help. We also wanted to apply that during the rollout. That employees do something themselves.”

High workload

An important step is to get employees to support this decision. “People reacted rather hesitantly and said: that is not possible”, Ramon Zinken continues. “The pressure in home care is already quite high.”

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Together with his team and MainPort, the back office manager of Zuyderland Thuiszorg wrote manuals that the healthcare employees could use. The accompanying instruction was: ‘try it yourself, otherwise ask someone close’. “It is very nice to see that very few calls have been made to our helpdesk. And also to hear from employees that they have been working on it for a long time but it finally worked and that they are proud to talk about it.”

Also in the future at home delivery

For MainPort, the issue of new tablets and smartphones according to the at home delivery is here to stay. “This is certainly the route for the future”, director Cor Zelissen says. “You also avoid travel time and the carbon footprint is very low. And you get something at home that looks nice with gadgets. It goes on and on.”